Wahu Supa Slide


Add a whole new dimension to your pool with the Wahu Supa-Doopa Slide. Brave this steep, slippery ride and land with a massive splash!



The Wahu Supa Slide is a high performance inflatable slide.

The Supa Slide features continuous spray action to ensure a smooth, fast slide into the water below. The reinforced base gives durability and stability to this pool side slide. It is boldly coloured and comes with a hose connection.

We have a very positive experience with Wahu products.

Our relationship with Wahu is a great one because their products are easy to endorse, simply because the quality is far better in comparison to other versions.

Whatโ€™s The Difference Between This Slide & Cheaper Versions?

On the Wahu Slide, there are 1x Set of Foot holes & two sets of durable plastic handles.

The slide is thicker plastic so once inflated it is quite sturdy with hardly any stretch when climbing. The feet are large so they take a lot of water, this means the slide is less likely to topple over and unlikely to blow away in the wind.

The Verdict: If you are going to invest in a pool slide then I recommend the Wahu product.

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The Wahu Supa- Slide has a continuous water spray system and a fun water bumper for a soft landing.

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