• Mouthguard Challenge Extreme Edition includes more cards than Watch Ya Mouth, and Speak Out
  • Hours of laughs with 1,100 new extreme Challenges, such as speak-out phrases, silly sayings, whimsical words, songs and contests
  • SOFTER MOUTHGUARDS – Includes 6 mouthguards that are strong, flexible and dishwasher safe — Literally, a mouthful of fun!
  • The new Extreme Edition is for 2-6 players, and is perfect for parties and everyday family fun!
  • This family friendly game is for ages 12+ and makes a great gift for all occasions!


We recently had a little go at the Mouthguard Challenge. The game is suitable for older teens & adults to wear and younger children can still have fun observing.

Alternatively, I can imagine the game being used when hanging out with some mates over a few drinks โ€“ who says we canโ€™t have a bit of fun at our own expense?


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