Luvabub Rocket Bag

The Rocket Bag from Luvabub is excellent quality and features a window to keep track of your childs beloved toy, teddy or blanky.


Luvabub Rocket Bag

This bag is a great little problem solve for us as we have a guest that comes everywhere with us, his name is Foo Foo.

Foo Foo is a tiny Jellycat bunny and often at risk of being lost.

The Rocket Bag from Luvabub ensures your child can see there items through the Rocket “Porthole” at the front.

The Rocket Bag is small enough for a child to carry around conveniently.

This product comfortably fits a small lunchbox, drink bottle and a small toy.

My daughter can now take her animal collections out with her and independently pack them away into her bag without any fuss.

The straps are padded with a light mesh for comfort and the bag is light to carry.

The Zipper does up easily and is quality, I’m confident it will last.

She’s ecstatic about her new rocket bag.



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