Product Reviews & Sponsored Posts

Product Reviews & Sponsored Posts

I would love to produce a sponsored post for you! Please note: All sponsored posts have a no-follow link as a part of Google disclosure policy. If you are a brand who is new to Sponsored Posts and do not understand why this is so important, this is a great article.

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Examples Of Product Reviews & Sponsored Posts


Hasbro Toilet Trouble

Wahu Play Connex

Toilet Trouble From Hasbro

Play Doh Touch Studio

Wahu Supa Dupa Slide

Twirlywoos Review

Globber Scooters

BeyBlade Review


Examples Of Travel Vlogs, Giveaways & Activity Reviews

Here are just a few examples 

Timezone Surfers Paradise

Code Camp Brisbane

Oz Comic-Con 

Gold Coast Adventures – Featuring Wahu Products

Baywatch Premiere 


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Using Content For Your Own Marketing Purposes

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