Edushape Giant Blocks – Made Of durable Foam

Edushape Giant Blocks come in an array of sizes.

The Edushape giant blocks are suitable for a variety of activities. They are made of foam soft enough that it won’t cause a major injury, but are durable enough to endure lots of play!

We chose the Edushape giant blocks because one of my children needed to develop his motor skills. The giant foam blocks a product that is easy to use at first, before moving onto blocks which require more fine handling.

The Edushape Giant Foam Blocks are perfect for this.

The Edushape Foam Blocks were initially purchased for therapy, however all three of my kids have enjoyed using them.

I ordered the JUMBO Foam Blocks (textured pack). I paid full price, so this review is not sponsored. I have included my Amazon Affiliate links, in case you purchase.

This was a big investment, however, 4 years later we are still finding ways to use them for therapy needs. They have been played with heavily by 3 kids and not a single block has signs of breakage.

Update – Our blocks are now almost 6 years old!

Edushape giant foam blocks are great for therapy play

My daughter was diagnosed with minor feet issues. The best form of therapy was to do plenty of balancing. The Edushape Foam blocks made a perfect balancing beam!

The kids have decided this new activity is “Parkour” although its pretty tame in comparison to the real thing, hehe.

I have spent thousands of dollars on therapy and sensory products over the years.

This has been one of my favourite investments. These have lasted 6 years in our home, we have even played with them outside

My younger daughter (6) recently started building herself a “Security circle” with the blocks. She surrounds herself with a small block wall and plays within it. It’s her way of saying “keep out”….”need space”.

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The texture on the Edushape blocks provide some grip but are still soft on the feet.

We set up different patterns with them and race to the end. I have found so many other uses like car ramps, making giant letters, one single balancing beam – with 32 giant blocks in a pack you can create a pretty big tower!

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