Cocobare Baby, Myaura Organics – Giveaway Product Spotlight

These products were a hit!

MyAura Organics – Natural Deodorant

Ive been using these products for a few weeks now. I am always sceptical about a deodorant that is both natural AND claims to actually work.

Prior to using MyAura Organics, I had a clinical deodorant from the pharmacy. This deodorant is the same price as MyAura, but is not as natural and friendly. It also smells a bit like toilet cleaner.

MyAura smells amazing. I chose to open the bergamot, lime + coconut first.

Good News! It Works!

It wasn’t until the end of the day that I realised, I don’t smell! In the middle of a Queensland heatwave, that is pretty impressive. The MyAura deodorant is around $9, the same price as a clinical deodorant from the supermarket.

MyAura is aluminium free, Palm oil free, vegan friendly, no parabens, natural ingredients and no animal cruelty – made with only natural ingredients that effectively neutralize odours and keep you dry.

CocoBare Baby Products

The presentation of these products are beautiful.

In your pack you receive 3 Products with a gorgeous little face washer.

Cocobare baby products would be the perfect gift for a baby shower or a new baby.

I don’t have a baby, BUT….

My younger daughter is very sensitive when it comes to products.

She does not like the strong smell of most soap products and at 7 years old, her skin is still baby soft.

I also find typical supermarket shampoo products give her an itchy scalp, the Cocobare products have been very gentle.

I have also been using the Baby Bum cream on her heat rash, its been fantastic!

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