Why Age Matters in Newborn Photography

Why Age Matters in Newborn Photography

When having newborn baby photos taken, consider the 4 to 10 day rule.

What’s the big deal with this time frame and does it really make much of a difference?

The answers to those questions really depend on you! When those first sweet pics are taken, the age of your baby will affect how the photos look. More accurately, how your baby looks in them.

Babies who are between 4 and 10 days old will treat you to cosy, sleepy, curled up poses.

These pictures can serve as heart-warming reminders of just how fresh and new the babies are. They are still folded up in that “womb like” position.

Older newborn babies, on the other hand, will tend to be more aware, interactive and expressive. Catch them closer to the 4 week mark. You’ll be truly amazed at how their budding personalities shine through the photos.


As far as the photoshoot itself goes, younger newborns are generally more predictable.

They sleep longer and generally feed on schedule. Newborns don’t fuss as much when being changed from one outfit to another or when being posed. Keep the room warm enough, usually they won’t mind being left naked.

Apart from not being too keen on having their clothes changed, older newborns are a wiggly bunch ! They relish stretching out their little arms and legs and might not stay in the ideal posed position for long. Perhaps not the most ideal candidate for newborn photography!

Parents with older babies who are after the curly poses might not get as many at this stage. Focus instead on the upside – more of baby’s personality and connection with parents.

Handheld shots work very well with older newborn babies. It’s really the perfect opportunity to catch that interaction between your angelic, trusting baby. Capturing the loving, protective care you give them.

Every baby is different.

It’s what makes them so special! Experienced newborn baby photographers typically set aside up to 4 hours for a photosession. We work with whatever your baby gives us to produce awesome photos you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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Anna Berg is a Sydney based photographer who specializes in pregnancy, newborn and baby portraits. To view Anna’s work and for more information please go to Pregnancy & Baby Photography.

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