bliss ball recipes without dates

25 Bliss Ball Recipes Without Dates

Bliss Ball Recipes Without Dates

25 of the best Bliss Ball recipes on the internet without dates!

Bliss Balls are a yummy and healthy snack food, however, not everybody likes the taste of dates. So here at Australian Mum, we have crawled the internet in pursuit of some amazing bliss ball recipes!

The cost of medjool dates are a little high in Australian Supermarkets, so, as an added bonus, these bliss ball recipes without dates are also friendlier on the budget.

Bliss Balls With NO DATES!

Recipe: My Kids Lick The Bowl

Date Free Peanut Butter Bliss Balls

Recipe: Jessica Sepel

Left: My Kids Lick The Bowl Right: Jessica Sepel

Coconut, Lime + Goji Bliss Balls

Recipe: Nourishing Hub

Vegan Carrot Cake Bliss Ball Energy Bites

Recipe: Veganosity

Some of these recipes also include vegan and Nut Free options, we have also included a few recipes that would make incredible dessert options.

Bliss Balls (also called protein balls and energy bites) don’t always have to be blended. If you do not have the kitchen appliances required, we have also included some no blend recipes.

Bliss Ball Recipes Without Dates..

  1. Mocha Hazelnut Power Balls – A Virtual Vegan
  2. Chocolate Covered Chickpea Protein Balls – Emilie Eats
  3. ANZAC Truffles – Mummy
  4. Healthy Oatmeal No Date Bliss Balls – Nutrition In The Kitchen
  5. Peanut Butter Choc Chip Energy Balls – Baking Ginger
  6. Date, Coconut + Chocolate Free Bliss Balls – Wholefood Simply
  7. Chocolate No-Bake Bites – My Plant Based Family
  8. Date Free Bliss Balls – My Sugar Free Kitchen
  9. Vegan Energy Balls with Chocolate – Avocado Pesto
  10. No Bake Energy Bites – The Endless Meal
  11. Mint Choc Chip Dough Balls – My Food Religion
  12. Trail Mix Bliss Balls – Fresh Off The Grid
  13. Vegan, Dairy Free, No Date Bliss Balls – Green Smoothie Gourmet
  14. Vegan Hazelnut Truffles with Coconut and Figs – Avocado Pesto
  15. Red Velvet Energy Bites – Namely Marly
  16. Raw, Date Free Bliss Balls – Marche
  17. Chocolate Drizzled No-Bake Apricot Cashew Balls – Soy Division
  18. Almond Energy Bites – Handful of Raspberries
  19. 3 Ingredient Caramel Zero Date Bliss Balls – Southern In Law
  20. Valentine’s Amaretto Truffles – Lazy Cat Kitchen
  21. No Bake Chocolate Power Truffles – Fit Cakes
  22. No Blender Energy Balls – Happy Skin Kitchen

More Bliss Ball Recipes..

If you are looking for bliss ball recipe varieties, which do include dates, I have also included 6 delicious recipes available HERE.

For more amazing recipes and kitchen inspiration, head to Mum’s Kitchen. Alternatively, if you are a bliss ball fanatic, my Insanely Delicious Bliss Ball Recipe Ideas is where you want to be!

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