Kat the Legend

Kat The Legend – Kid’s Book Review

Kat The Legend of Gnawbonia is the story of a sad and neglected cat who lives with her cruel brothers.

Kat finds herself in a world of trouble when she escapes from home.

The journey is brought to life through 140+ pages of breathtaking artwork.

You will meet several characters throughout Kats travels, including a gang of dog pirates. This book doesn’t have a dull moment and there is a lot ahead for Kat before she can enjoy her newfound freedom.

The artwork in this children’s novel is incredible, I truly have not seen anything this impressive on a kids bookshelf before.

Kat the Legend - Kid's Book Review
This book is written and illustrated by Nick White.

Reviews + Testimonials For Kat The Legend

“I liked how the book was curated – very artistic and creative, parts were story, parts read like a graphic novel, other parts were a picture book. Suitable for a younger audience probably minimum age of 4-5 years old. ” – Annie, Goodreads

Beautiful book, almost too good for my children! Has a special place in our book shelf. highly recommend to all. – Josh Huber

I brought this book for myself for Father’s Day to read and share with the kids. It’s just magic stuff. The story is full of creative genius which we just love. I’ve found myself exploring and lost in the artwork every night so far. – Sam Henderson

We bought a copy of this for our daughter; however, it turns out that our entire family has loved reading this book several times! I can say that we have never found another book like it. – Leighton Gosnell

Kat The Legend comes in a beautifully presented sleeve case.

Ebook is also available for download.

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