Bamboo Sheets

Let’s Talk About Linen: Bamboo Sheets


I have just discovered the lush feeling of bamboo sheets!

I have this love for linen. Its fairly newfound.

To really shorten the story, a few years ago I was the brokest bitch out there. Hand me down linen, cheapest of the cheap covers from Kmart (which is fine by the way) – but really nothing standout, nothing like bamboo sheets!

I feel like every woman has at least one pair of nice shoes right? Not me. I’ll settle for one set of linen that just rocks my world.

It’s pretty shit for a while after separation. It just takes forever to get your financial situation in a good state, kids in a good routine and back to work like a grown ass woman.

Anyway, lets get to the point here, which is LINEN.

Morrissey Bamboo Sheets Review

This was a hard purchase for me. WAY more than I would normally pay for sheets.

NO REGRETS BABY! These sheets are soft, slightly silky and they have that fancy tag sewn on the outside.

The Morrissey bamboo sheets are bamboo/cotton, 400tc, antimicrobial and designed in Australia.

The Morrissey Bamboo Luxe Cotton Queen Bed Sheet Set was $79.95 for a Queen size.

Bamboo Sheets

Cotton Corduroy Quilt Cover Set Review

This one I settled for because the Jersey Queen Doona Covers were out of stock. Someone literally bought the last one while I was procrastinating and I got a little Liam Neeson over it, wanted to find them and kill them….then I saw THIS.

The Gioia Casa Queen Bed Premium Cotton Corduroy Quilt Cover Set – In Silver. Its definitely got a silver tone too, without being douchey shiny.

Its a beautiful bedspread and I think I’m more satisfied than if I had of bought the Jersey cover. The corduroy texture is subtle and really soft.

GET THIS THOUGH. You know how pillow cases have a really piss poor flap that doesnt even keep the pillow from hanging out or the skankyness of it showing through? Not this set, it has a huge inner flap which tucks the pillow inside.

Its DOPE AF and you need this in your life.

The Gioia Casa Queen Bed Premium Cotton Corduroy Quilt Cover Set  cost $79.99

Bamboo Sheets
Straight out of the packet….professional creased look.

How to Get Your Bed Looking REALLY Foofy.

It’s ALL in the LOFT babe. Get yourself a high loft quilt and you’ll be foofed to sleep. Yes, I am completely aware its hot in Australia. If you are going to kick the doona off regardless, it may as well look bloody great when the beds actually made.

Just call me the Aussie Kardashian on Linen and grab me another beer will ya.

The Queen Size 800GSM Quality Ultra-Warm Winter Weight Quilt cost me $69

I pretty much got my weekly cardio workout putting this linen set together.

One more thing. I am a catch affiliate.

I spend so much money on this site.

Obviously I’m going to use my referral codes when I talk about my purchases.

I pay for everything I buy and I am not sponsored with money to write reviews or free products by Catch in any way.

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