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Using Matific Galaxy For Your Home School CURRICULUM


We recently signed up for Matific Galaxy after the brand contacted us to try the product.

Matific uses math based games to make learning fun. The graphics are visually stimulating with creative storylines, quality audio and hundreds of problem solving games .

This is a great product for home school parents, after school learning and a resource teachers to track students learning progress.

For parents concerned about monitoring online curriculum, don’t worry.

The online progress tracker is also available by using your parent account.

I completely understand being hesitant to using an online product for educational needs. It is too easy for children to flick over to a game or chat on discord (the minute you have to take a phone call or do some washing they tend to sneak off).

Matific Galaxy will tell you how much progress your child has made and what they have completed.

Matific Galaxy
When you start up Matific Galaxy, Vibrant, Fun + Welcoming!

10 Things I Loved About Matific

  1. The platform is designed to make maths fun and engaging.
  2. Matific is reasonably priced, with membership being under $50 for full access
  3. The product is available on both IOS, Google Play AND Desktop.
  4. Matific has progress updates built into the platform for parents and teachers.
  5. The platform has hundreds of games to choose from
  6. For multiple users, Matific Galaxy has a discount sign up available
  7. The graphics are vibrant and colourful, with quality audio.
  8. Matific covers the curriculum, including Geometry, Money and Math patterns.
  9. Developed and tested using proven research based studies
  10. Matific allows you to set a reasonable and individual pace for your child.

5 People Matific Galaxy Would Be Perfect For

  • Homeschool Parents (Matific Galaxy covers most of the Math curriculum)
  • Parents who want to support their children in after school catch up
  • Teachers! Monitor and track each child’s progress.
  • Parents and Homeschoolers who travel a lot, Matific is on both mobile platforms!
  • Just for fun – Some kids just enjoy educational apps and games.

Visit the Matific website for all of the information you need to get started.

Matific provided us with a membership this amazing app to review.
Australian Mum was not paid to write this review.
All reviews are done from an authentic and honest point of view.

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