Mini Volcano Kit

Mini Science….Tiny Volcano’s Of Fun!

I spotted these mini volcano kits on AliExpress and knew I had to try them.

  1. Cheap
  2. Tiny – Less mess
  3. Heaps of fun!

These kits take around 3 weeks to arrive if you live in Australia. They are great value for money. I paid less than $1.50 each with free postage.

We purchased every volcano style. Fire, Ice and Snow.

The only style I do not recommend is the red one (Fire), it fizzled out very quickly and the overall effect wasn’t that exciting.

Aliexpress has been a godsend for this homeschooling mama! It has saved so much money on really basic activities that can be added to our science and art curriculum.

Both the Snow and Ice themed kits produced quite a lot of squishy stuff to play with.

Our Love For Volcano Kits Doesn’t End There!

This is a style of activity we regularly do at home, including just the old homemade classic volcano experiment.

We have dabbled in almost every kind of volcano kit you can imagine!

These include plaster, plastic and more mini volcano kits.

You can Ryans review for the plaster volcano kit HERE along with recommendations on where to purchase.

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