Airfyer Zucchini Banana Muffins

Airfryer Zucchini + Banana Muffins

The introduction of an Airfryer into my home has been wonderful!

The Airfryer claims to cook quite a few different things, so you can understand why a lot of people are skeptical. I have cooked mini cakes, chocolate muffins and now, Zucchini + Banana bread muffins.

Using the Zucchini Bread recipe from ‘All Taste’, I added a banana to the mix and left out the Vanilla Essence (Just personal preference).

My muffins took around 12 minutes on 160 using the Philips Classic Airfryer.

These Zucchini + Banana muffins turned out super soft on the inside and golden on the outside, yum!

Tips for cooking muffins in an AirFryer:

Use sturdy cups or silicone if you have them. I use foil muffin cups with a paper lining, patty cake cups won’t stand up very well on the bottom of the basket.

If you are cooking 12 muffins in the Philips XL, You should be able to cook 4 – 6 at a time.

If you try these, please let me know on the Facebook post or comment on this article.

I would love to see how you went!

How Life Has Changed After Buying An Airfryer

  1. I feel I can safely do other things while the Airfryer is left on. Something I never felt comfortable doing with a deep fryer or pot of oil.
  2. It’s faster. It cooks frozen chips in around 8 minutes.
  3. Getting home late with hungry kids. Dinnertime on those difficult nights, so much easier!
  4. It saves me money! I can get nuggets and chips done in the Airfryer faster than UberEats could deliver.

Airfryer Australia Purchase

  • I spent years internally debating whether to get an Airfryer or not.
  • My Philips AirFryer was purchased in Australia.
  • Research and convos: asking around a lot before buying was the way to go. The result I got from so many discussions was that, buying a cheap air fryer is not the way to go.
  • I couldn’t really afford top of the range or any of the new models, so I waited.
  • Now that Philips has brought out a new line, there older models are very reasonable in price.

Just a Few Foods I Cook In Under 8 Minutes, Using The Air Fryer

Lazy French Toast, Calamari, Frozen Chips, Mini Muffins, Churros!

Is the AirFryer Healthier?

The food comes out crisp, with nowhere near as much oil. I honestly could not be happier with my Air Fryer purchase. I also find it’s safer with little kids around, no more pots of oil that can be tipped off the stove.

This machine has been a godsend on weekends or those tired school nights. You can whack on some fish and chips and call it a night.

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