Dear Parents, Stop Blaming Your Children On Fortnite

Fortnite. My unpopular opinion

I really wish parents would stop being so angry at the game makers of Fortnite.

This is the first of many things a child will encounter in his or her life.

The first of many things that will require limitations and self discipline.

How many things out there are fun, in moderation?

When kids overhear conversations between parents such as:

“Fortnite is to blame for his/her behaviour”

“I wish the game makers would see what they are doing to our kids”.

Mate, nobody is doing anything to your kids. Except for you, the parent.

Nobody is forced to let their child play Fortnite.

What message does this send?

We are living in what seems to be the age of not having our kids take responsibility until they are adults.

I think we can all be a little bit like this. It feels like our kids grow up so fast and we don’t want to hang everything on them.

The same news articles and uproar on gaming addiction happened when Minecraft soared in popularity, people just forget.

Fortnite isn’t our enemy.

We are doing a huge injustice to our kids by blaming the game.

Parents seem to have a fear of addressing boundaries.
Parental confidence has gone out the door and we are struggling to say “No”.

Come on mum and dad.

If your child becomes abusive, the game is obviously a privilege that can be taken away.

I see parents shuddering at the idea of going through with this.

Im so sick of people (even therapists) saying to me…

“You can’t take what he loves”.

Well I can and I do. The best thing I have done in recent times is ignore all of this pussy footing around and actually parent the shit out of my son.

Mess up at school = lose your playtime. Whats the difference in losing a console?

Teenage, even Tweenage kids are almost adults

Mess up at your job, you lose it.

In your Car, you lose your license. The list goes on.

If your child is old enough to play Fortnite then they are old enough to understand when you mess up, you take losses.

You earn the privilege back, and if you mess up again – you lose. Again.

Blaming others will only take a person so far.

Welcome to this thing called “LIFE”.


A while ago I mentioned gaming addiction on Facebook. Remember when Minecraft came out, the same fear mongering news articles appeared in the media?

Once Minecraft, now Fornite. Well there is a new kid on the block.


Apex Legend is an EA game which is exploding with popularity. So of course, the media factory starts.

Apex Legends is a 16+ Rated game in Australia.

Of course, kids under 16 are going to play it. But again, come on parents.

If you know your kid can’t handle it, DON’T introduce it into the home.

Is your child already struggling with their anger and behaviour when it comes to getting off Fortnite?

There, you have your answer. You don’t need another game. You need help with boundary setting.

If your kid plays 12 hours a day on the weekends, but is an absolute gem – this isn’t for you.

Hell, my kid has more screen time than any child I know, believe me, I’ve seen the game rage.

I repeat, if it is a problem. Communicate, set expectations.

You’ll soon know if your child is mature enough to handle the expectations, but you got to stick to it!.

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