Raby Bay Foreshore Park

Raby Bay Foreshore Park

Baby Bay Foreshore Park Is Located On Masthead Dr, Cleveland QLD 4163.

Raby Bay Foreshore Park is one of our favourite family hangouts. It has everything you need, with a little extra.

The Raby Bay esplanade view is beautiful.

The stillness of the bay is a reminder that while the Redlands is becoming a busy place. You can come to Raby Bay foreshore and just zen out for a moment.

There are raised areas of grass to sit on, with shady trees available.

You can Kayak + Paddle Board at Raby Bay Foreshore Park

You don’t even have to bring your own! There is a Paddle Boarding hire company available down by the water. Paddle Boarding is around $25 for an hour. The owners give a quick rundown lesson to first timers.

Theres a Playground – Including a liberty swing.

Raby Foreshore Park has a playground which recently had an upgrade. Some of the equipment was replaced and shade sails have been installed. The upgrade also included better seating and wind breakers.

Theres Plenty Of Room!

Even when the playground is really busy, there’s plenty of room to run around by the water, play ball games on the grass and build castles down on the sand.

Raby Bay Foreshore Facilities + Features:

  • Liberty Swing
  • Undercover Seating
  • Barbecues, bins  + drinking fountains
  • Large toilet block
  • Playground equipment including 2x slides + swings.
  • Nearby Dog enclosure
  • Play on the sandy shore!
  • Fish off the short break wall
  • Watch the sailboats + paddle boarders on the weekends.
  • Plenty of parking with both roadside and a large carpark.
  • Long concrete pathways along the waterside
  • Trees the monkeys like to climb on.

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