Step 2 Easel

4 Reasons To Love The Step 2 Easel

This is an updated Step 2 Easel Review.

It has been 12 Months and our Step 2 Easel is still going strong! It spends a lot of time outside underneath the patio, especially through the summer months.

The Step 2 brand has been part of our home since my first child could walk.

They are the makers of the well known Crazy Coupe, which we own THREE of!

The Step 2 products are renowned for being able to withstand the “heavy handed play” that comes with raising toddlers. Our first Coupe car is over 9 years old and still going strong.

Since receiving the Step 2 Easel, the kids have enjoyed:

  • Drawing Sessions
  • Whiteboard Games like Hangman, Pictionary and Quick Draw
  • Finger and Brush Painting
  • Learning the whiteboard, like Math, Tallies and “Fill in the Blanks”
  • Glue and Scissor activities, keeping collage supplies in our storage tubs

1. The Step 2 Easel Is Huge!

Wide enough to fit my 8 + 6 year old girls, you will have no problem with the age range of 3+.

The most attractive feature about this product is size, two kids can easily share each side.

2. The Step 2 Easel has Lots Of Storage.

Step 2 has ensured the jumbo easel features enough storage to fit everything you need for a draw or paint session.

The Storage tubs include two large tubs, 4 small and some cups which hook onto the Easel.

The bottom shelf fits books, scrap paper, pencil cases. It’s fantastic.

The Step 2 Jumbo Easel makes art and craft sessions really easy, with access to supplies on both sides.

Step 2 Easel

3. Step Jumbo Art Easel has a Blackboard and a Whiteboard.

The whiteboard features clips to hang your paper, any paint that did find it’s way onto the whiteboard simple wiped off. The clips are strong and my kids enjoyed painting at the easel.

We used the ledge for small spots of paint (reduces waste and mess) and wiped off the excess when finished.

4. Easy to put together, Easy to clean

The Step 2 Easel is very easy to put together, its made of of a few chunky plastic pieces which screw together. There are no hinges – just a handful of screws.

The product is easy too clean, just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

I dont have any particularly negative feedback about this product, perhaps the only thing would be where the storage cups are if they went into a moulded holder so they can’t be knocked off if you bump them – I’t certainly wouldn’t make or break my decision If I purchased one in the future.

Step 2 Easel

This Easel Would Be Great For Childcare Centres.

The sturdiness of this product would be great for childcare centres and the size would ensure all age ranges right up to pre-prep can enjoy, without having to invest in a seperate products.

The Step 2 Easel Would Be An Amazing Addition To Your Play Room!

We often have our Easel in a dedicated play room. It sits neatly against the wall when we are not using it. The product makes it easier for kids to engage in art because everything is set up and organised at any given time.

It’s common for me to go into the room to tidy up and see that they have been drawing on the whiteboard and even incorporating it into “pretend play” with other toys.

The Jumbo Easel Is Definitely An Investment For Your Growing Family

Assuming you look after the product reasonably well (i.e. clean it, don’t leave it out in sunlight for too long etc) then you should be able to pass this down for a few years.

To purchase the Step2 Jumbo Easel, Visit The Step2 Direct Website 

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