Pop Culture Cushion Designs Everyone Can Afford

Pop Culture Cushion Designs Everyone Can Afford

$5 cushion covers with hundreds of designs and themes.

I am crazy about pop culture! I love a good cushion cover too. These designs are not only affordable, but the quality is surprisingly good.

The Quality Of These Cushion Designs

Most of these cushions are made using a flax fibre, I purchased a set over 3 years ago and they are still in great condition. My purchase was for my son and I chose some Star Wars themed comic icons, they have had milo spilt on them, been thrown around the room several times.

I can confidently say they were a great investment at $4 each.

These cushion cover designs are all under $5

Avengers Theme

Watercolour designs are not as harsh when showing of your love of superheroes. Most products with a superhero theme are very dark in colour. These covers are awesome when keeping in with a lighter coloured theme.

Happy Potter Theme: 

I know a lot of friends from my generation who are still keeping Harry Potter alive. These cushions offer a minimal design with elegant colours that will suit almost any room.

Nautical Theme: 

I’ve chosen some basic nautical theme cushions from this store. There are hundreds more to look at with more intricate designs. This store creates the same designs in other products as well.

Personalised Cushion Covers

Kids love personalised items. On a side note, no more fighting over the cushions. Give them a letter each! These cushion covers are regularly on sale at 40% off.

This brings the price down to $2.79 Free Postage. These cushion covers are super cute and who doesn’t like donuts with sprinkles? More mature lettering designs are available for all ages.

Book Lovers:  

I adore these pillows. If you are a book lover, you will be in love with these.

Comfy cushions, books and warm tea are a perfect combination. These cushions would also soon a Cafe/Bookstore who provide a reading nook for customers.

Looking for a statement cushion?  These are vibrant, quirky and will definitely get guests talking.

While they aren’t considered elegant, sometimes a bit of fun is exactly what a home needs. There are over 15 different choices in this particular range of cushion covers.

Filling These Cushion Covers

Most of my covers are filled with cheap Kmart cushions as they are for the kids. My cushions in the lounge room are filled using more expensive cushion cover fillers as they are for practical use, whereas the kid’s cushions are purely decorative.

If your cushions are decorative only, keep an eye out in thrift stores. These are a haven for cushions that have been donated and barely used. I have picked up cushions for under $5 with the tags still attached, combine those with new zip on covers and you have an interchangeable design for under $10.

Importing Cushion Covers & Other Products

Aliexpress is the same as Wish. You will wait a little while for your covers, sometimes up to 3 weeks. The saving, however, is worth it and you can afford to try different things with a budget that isn’t blown on one piece of decor.

What Happens If The Cushion Designs Don’t Suit My Home?

You will have no problem getting your money back for these in a local buy sell group, you may even MAKE some money if you provide the cushion filling. These are highly sought after themes which I’m sure locally you will be able to make your money back.

Is This An Affiliate Article?

Yes! It is, I make a small amount of revenue when you buy the products I have recommended. I always try to recommend products that I have tried, which is why I mentioned I have purchased cushions from this manufacturer before.

I should probably recommend more expensive items, but I enjoy showing my viewers how to obtain affordable products.

I hope you enjoyed and if you use Pinterest, be sure to pin your favourite design!

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