Playsuits In Public Toilets.

The Dark Side Of Wearing a Romper.

I see Instagram chicks in Playsuits (AKA Rompers), leather sandals & reflective sunnies.

I look down at my child ravaged body. I just sigh.

I’m a 35 year old women with three kids.

I swear, 5 minutes on Instagram makes me feel totally unfashionable.

Which is BS, because I would have looked ridiculous in a frilly romper before kids anyway.

My frumpy shaped body – even at my skinniest, has never been one to pull off any fashion trend.

This is what I tell myself.

Anyway, I still bought a playsuit. (gasp!)

It’s Full length at the legs, because who even shaves their legs with kids.

It’s plain black, because I’m trying to blend in with my dark mood.

I wear it with bright orange thongs, to business meetings.

Then I wonder why I’m told I don’t look formal enough.

It’s a size too big, because that’s how I roll.

I like the mystery of “Potentially how much fat is she actually hiding in there”

Can We Talk About The Elephant In The Room Please?

This highlights just how sexy the romper…playsuit…”all in one suit”…is.

It leaves you vulnerable and cold wondering wether some pervert will be looking over the toilet stall door.

God forbid you find yourself in a public toilet with no lock, because this is exactly how it looks.

Full naked, tits out, pants down.

Even worse, trying to pee while stretched out stark naked trying to keep the unlocked door shut with the bare tips of your fingers.

It’s like being 2 years old again, rolling down your bonds zippy to visit the loo.

There is officially nothing sexy about a “Romper”

Incredibly Funny Artwork which highlights the real deal about the romper created by Sad Girl Pop

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