Christmas Lego Train

This Christmas LEGO Train Is Magical

Your little Lego enthusiast will love this Christmas Lego Train.

Merjin Van Den Berg is a Lego train enthusiast from the Netherlands. He owns the Youtube Channel named Bananenbuurman.

His creations have gained quite the following, with some of his videos being viewed over 1 million times.

Bananenbuurman dedicates a lot of  time to educational projects which get children involved in Lego. He also features other Lego builders on his channel, including young Lego train enthusiast who have just started out.

This Lego train enthusiast has done it again! with a Christmas Lego Train.

The Youtube videos give you a front seat view of the magical themed installations. With a camera strapped to the captains seat, the Lego train will take you through a miniature world of wonder.


What did it take to create the Lego Christmas Train?

“7 days of work, 40 liters of artificial snow, thousands of magical lights, numerous Christmas village houses, and a Lego train!” -Bananenbuurman

So much effort goes into these mini rail builds. If you have a little one who is mad about Lego they will really enjoy these videos. If you find your GoPro strapped to some Lego, you can totally blame us!

Bananamuurman’s channel also features Lego exhibits and interesting videos from places like Legoworld. 

We have been following Bananenbuurman for a long time. His projects are always fascinating and we have featured him previously on Australian Mum. Check out this backyard Train build which features an undertwater tunnel.

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