The Real Reason I Was a Crying Mess in Ready Player One

We went to see Ready Player One at the cinema recently.

I had just recovered from a serious case of the flu. During the flu, I allowed my son to play way to many hours of online gaming while I laid in my bed coughing and dying.
I love gaming, but I don’t understand how some parents are so in denial about what it does to the brain. Do they just pretend because it provides time out for them?
I notice when my son is pushing the limits way to hard with his gaming activity. I’ll cut the crap, he turns into the devil. You can’t tell a child off and expect them to behave, change their attitude – when as a parent you allowed them to get into this state.
You just have to do the right thing and pull the plug. The playstation plug.

This is why I was in tears in the movie Ready Player One

The underlying moral and message is clear.
Immersive gaming experience have the ability to end us all. The fact our children will have to make a proactive choice to actually “live” one day, it’s sad. We are already prioritising social media and we aren’t even close to tasting what kind of tech advances planned for every day consumers. 
Some people might think, well its a book, it’s made up. But I have always felt that war won’t be our demise. It will be our own vices and need to escape from reality. If people weren’t willing to risk everything over a thrill, we wouldn’t have suburbs ruined by crystal meth.
The message in the movie of escape and self medication was so in your face as well, Ive felt that so many times in my life. Wether it be alchohol, drugs, games, blowing money on meaningless shit.

For addicts, gaming is just a different type of crack.

In 2005 the death of Snowly rocked the gaming community. It was the first time a “gaming death” had reached mainstream news.

It was followed by another death within a few weeks and the gaming world was changed forever with damage control being implemented by several large gaming companies. This included support forums and timers to remind people to have a break – it’s not as big now but it really put developers on their heels for a while.

Snowly died from cardiac arrest brought on by exhaustion. Playing World Of Warcraft for days on end with no sleep proved deadly for the 28 year old Chinese player.

I was pregnant when this happened and off work as the snow season had just finished.

I remember thinking, “how stupid do you have to be to die from gaming?” Then I had a child, suddenly…..

I get it now.  

Kid’s don’t have the ability to regulate themselves and combat a gaming addiction on their own. I mean fark, even as adults we have 57683947 ways to combat an addiction and most of us STILL can’t kick certain habits.

It’s particularly hard for kids who are socially isolated – for whatever reason.

You feel like you are somewhere else, away from all the pain. Gaming provides an alternate reality to kids who aren’t developed enough yet to understand that reality rots away while consumed in a gaming heaven for, well….your entire life.
That’s why I cried. 

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