DIY Solar Powered Aircraft Using Science & Technology

Building a DIY Solar Powered Aircraft 

Using a simple DIY Model Building Solar Powered Aircraft, my kids explored how science & technology can power an aircraft.


Science experiment kits are not limited to Chemistry.

We use a few different kit styles and try to incorporate Science into other lessons as well, including art.

Eino’s have created mini kits for “Quick” science lessons with involve light, heat and other elements of Science education.

AliExpress has the best price for these DIY Solar Construction Aircraft Kits. While you will wait around 3 weeks for them to arrive, they are up to 50% cheaper than toy stores.

These kits were under $15 and are made of wood, so they will last a little while longer than paper/cardboard models.

Something to keep in mind when buying products is wether they can be reused or utilised down the road. The solar piece in these models can be repurposed and the plane dismantled and rebuilt.

This project was planned as a homeschool activity with a focus on Science, Technology and Fine Motor Skill development.

Look at the video below – they work great!

This video is slowed down a little, they propel quite fast as soon as they hit the sunlight. This has to be one of my favourite science experiment kits so far. Although not exactly an experiment, when we haven’t tried something before – its experimental for us!

Cheapest Price For DIY Solar Construction Aircraft

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