Luna Park Discount Tickets & Best Value For Money

Luna Park Discount Tickets & Best Value For Money Offers

Getting Luna Park Discount Tickets might take you a little bit of shopping around. Let me help you find the best deals for Luna Park and enjoy unlimited discount ride tickets.

We travelled to Luna Park during Easter 2018, the day before the Royal Easter Show commenced. Over the years, Luna Park has undergone gradual changes to update rides to offer more thrilling attractions.

The park still offers the same nostalgia with areas like Coney Island, The Wild Mouse & The Ferris Wheel.

Pinball history at Coney Island – IMG: Kate Shelby

How To Find Luna Park Discount Tickets:

To find Luna Park Discount tickets – Check discount sites first.

Luna Park charges $53 for an all day pass for unlimited rides. This price is for adults and teens who are over 130cm.

An example of savings:

Groupon: Luna Park Discount Tickets available throughout the year for $45 per rider.

Oz Bargain: Featured “buy one get one free tickets” in June 2017.

During the Easter Show period, Luna Park offers front page specials for $38 unlimited rides.

Best Value For Money @ Luna Park

Travel to Luna Park is by ferry or train. The train is cheaper by around 50% from Circular Quay, however you are missing out on the harbour views.

Getting on a Sydney Ferry is a must do activity anyway so take advantage of the Ferry ride for photos and all the sights including the Opera House.

Sometimes you may even see the Royal Caribbean cruise ships in the harbour, these are a spectacular sight and tower over the ferry as it scoots past.

Ovation Of The Sea IMG: Kate Shelby

I don’t like writing bad reviews, but I have to be honest if i’m going to help you save money. The food at Luna Park is insanely overpriced.

You will pay $12 for a Hot Dog – which comes with a handful of chips – however….you don’t get the option of just buying a hot dog. Burger meals are between $15 – $17 and do not include a drink ($2.50 extra)

We paid $29 for 2x Hot Dogs & 2x Drinks.

We couldn’t finish the hot dogs as the buns were very dry, had no butter and overall the food and slow service left us feeling dissapointed.

The best value for money at Luna Park would be feeding the family before hand and topping up on a couple of buckets of large chips. The vending machines at central have bottles of water if you are stuck for drinks before you venture off to Milson’s Point – The Luna Park stop off.

There are other eating venues off of Alfred St, close to the Luna Park roadside entrance.

Luna Park Cost me $76 for myself and my pre-teen on the Luna Park Discount Tickets offer for Easter. This is a total saving of $28 – which almost covered our food.

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