Blackhead Vacuum Review

Blackhead Vacuum Review – It Really Sucks!

Blackhead Vacuums had infiltrated my news feed.

Once I clicked on the ad, the website continued to remarked the crap out of me.

Hell no. I was not paying $60 for what is obviously a cheap chinese product.

In most cases these products are dropshipped, so 4 weeks of impatiently waiting.

But I was SO curious. Would vacuuming blackheads out actually work?

Instead I paid $26 Free Postage and did the waiting for cheaper.

They are also available on Ebay. and Amazon.

It sucks. I mean it REALLY SUCKS.

I didn’t read the instructions, because Im irresponsible and what could go wrong?

The Blackhead Vacuum has the potential to rip your pores out, literally and leave you with a face that looks like it had a party with a monstrous leech. So BE CAREFUL.

It did the job. But I did end up with a little bruising.

IF I had of read the instructions, I would have known using the smaller head provides LESS suction.

It cleared out my disgustingly clogged pores, something I have struggled with for so long.

I have BIG pores and they fill with makeup and it doesn’t come out easily during my cleansing/toning regime.

This is NOT a machine you want to be using daily

I can imagine like all things, too much blackhead vacuum to the face would not be a good thing.

Ellen Scott from Metro says in this article

“It’s important to have a realistic expectation and not try to obtain a completely ‘pore-less’ look, which only really exists in magazines and Instagram filters.’”

I have to agree with her.

Skin is fragile, our pores and skin layers are complex. I wouldn’t want to damage my skin in my eternal struggle for getting unclogged pores.

BUT It cleared up some nasty patches I have been wanting to deal with and look human again.

I won’t be vacuuming my skin frequently with the expectation of it looking like a baby’s bum anytime soon.

I tried the blackhead vacuum on my teenager.

I had to be very careful because Teens have sensitive skin. I managed to unclog two very bad blackheads. But it wasn’t easy. They didn’t just slide out like you can imagine.

Still, I have tried blackhead tools, facial steams – with no luck. So two is better than nothing.

The problem with some teenagers, they can be unhygienic and if you go sucking the blackheads out – well chances are they will be back in no time because your teenager just doesn’t give a crap.

It’s two less blackheads I have to stare at when talking to him, no regrets.

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