Perth Costco Is Set To Open.

The American retail giant and Perth Airport have collaborated to build Perth’s first Costco warehouse.

Costco will be situated in the the airport precinct. The project estimates a cost of $55 million and will generate up to 475 construction and retail jobs.

Perth Airport

The Costco building will be more than triple the size of a normal supermarket and is planned to open in 2020.

The Perth Costco will also feature a petrol and tyre station as well as an optical and hearing aid centre.

Costco membership is $60 a year which allows customers to purchase discounted products in bulk.

The Costco range consists of  fresh food, groceries, clothing, electronics, white goods, furniture, fuel and jewellery.

The petrol at Costco members is significantly cheaper, around 15c less per litre with no purchase required in the Costco store.

Will Costco Save You Money?

There has been a lot of discussions within Costco groups as to wether the Costco service is actually cheaper than shopping at Woolworths and Coles.

It pays to join these groups and discover the smartest way to shop if you are using Costco to reduce your monthly shopping bills.

Costco Facebook Groups:

Costco Mums

Queensland Costco Geeks 

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