I Rebranded My Blog. Heres Why.

I Rebranded My Blog.

This was a decision based on where I would like to take my blog in the future.


My first blog open to the public was called Amazing Beautiful Individual

This was wordplay on A.B.I. (Acquired Brain Injury) and is my way of saying how unique and wonderful my son is – and your children as well.


I have completed my goal of sharing my sons post cancer brain injury diagnosis.

I have had my stories published in HuffPo and several news outlets have picked up my articles and republished them.

I feel like my job is done.

Since then writing has opened up a broad range of topics.

I love writing about social topics, trending news and the pressure we are under to be perfect parents.

I really enjoy sharing recipes and giving others a platform to write on, so something needed to change.

I still write about my lifestyle and the commitments to raising a child with special needs.


This is why I changed my blog to the “Australian Mum”.

Blogging has been such a great experience.

It made total sense to rebrand with a name that is more relevant to what I write about.

My blog is now for everyone, especially if you are a parent in Australia.


My Name Also Represents My Socials

Australian Mum is simple. I’m Aussie and I’m a mum. Without being to stereotype, I’m your typical plugger wearing Aussie. I love the beach and a good BBQ. Im fairly laid back and I joke. I joke a lot.

I like to share things that highlight both our true culture and the dramatised version of who an Australian is.

In 2008 my son concluded his cancer treatment.

My blog started off because I wanted to get some things about our experiences off of my chest and it has just grown from there. It’s something I can’t write about forever.

I really want to thank the people who have continued to read my articles.

Life goes on after cancer but not without struggle because everyday is a new day. Not without phone calls from the school and a million appointments a year. Not without tears and stress. But not without happiness and smiles. Laughter and Love either.

We made it and no matter what happens. I am proud to be the mother of An Amazing Beautiful Individual. All children are ABI’S – Amazing Beautiful Individuals. All with unique abilities.

If you landed here out of desperation or you simply share a similar life situation I want you to know you will get through this too.

I have since also started a blog that focuses on actual blogging & business.

This way I can keep it seperate, you can visit me HERE if you are another blogger.

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