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3 Months Spent Eating Lite N Easy

3 Months Spent Eating Lite N Easy

I have been using Lite N Easy for 3 months. I’m going to be real with you in this review, both with the quality of food and the reasons I use it.

The truth is, I use Lite N Easy when things just get TOO hard. I am a single working mum, building a business on the side. Life gets on top of me and sometimes, I just can’t cope.

Lite N Easy has been a bit of a saviour when things get tough, its not a replacement for home cooked meals. It IS a better option than fish and chips or McDonalds every night.

Lite N Easy is the only service I have used that offers meals you can eat instantly or prepare in under 10 minutes. Lite N Easy also caters for those who need breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between.

There seems to be some misinformation about Lite N Easy that should be cleared up.

The Lite N Easy service isn’t just a box of microwave dinners. This may be what you have heard due to the meals being offered in supermarkets from the company – these are slightly different.

The service is a mix of fresh food and frozen. You will not get an entire week of freshly prepared foods, but you can manage to order up to three days worth without them going spoiled.

The quality of the frozen meals is not the same as freshly cooked meals like Hello Fresh, which I have also tried and is fantastic. There are meal subscriptions that will suit individuals differently.

The drawcard for this service is often difference of having to heat up food (Lite N Easy, YouFoodz), rather than cook from scratch (Hello Fresh, Marley + Spoon).

Lite N Easy offer fresh and frozen meals.

The first 3 days of your week can be spent eating fresh salads as well as fruit and dairy products. You do NOT have to lock in any purchases. I order week to week as the amount of food I need varies.

During the week I am home with my 11 year old son, the 1800 Calorie breakfast, lunch and dinner feeds both of us. I visit the shops minimally during this time and I’ve actually SAVED money from avoiding the supermarket.

If I need products like milk, I try to buy this when I get petrol. This will help you stay away from the habitual shopping that happens in major food outlets, go in for milk and come out with 2 litres of coke and a 10 pack of donuts.

Lite N Easy
Image: Lazy Girl

Which comes to my next point – weight loss.

With discipline, depending on your previous diet, you will lose weight on Lite N Easy. It’s important to stick by your plan, Lite N Easy is delicious. Eating day 1 & 2 within a few hours is not going to help your weight loss challenge.

Obviously exercise is part of a weight loss plan. Im really stating the obvious here.

My biggest helping hand in the weight loss area is the meals being done. Often Im so tired at the end of the day I opt for 7 pieces of vegemite on toast for dinner and whatever dessert item is lying around.

For me the weight loss has been a bonus, it isn’t the sole reason I started using the service. It has stopped me from going to get takeaway, which often I end up buying sugary drinks with those types of meals (my biggest weakness).

Lite N Easy
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Trust me, the porridge and pear and prune cups are mouth watering. One day at a time.

My favourite frozen meals are the Butter Chicken and the Mexican Bean stack.

You can order classic meals like Roast Chicken dinners, Shepard’s pie and sausages and mash. The meat pie and veggies is a winner with my 11 year old son.

The meals come with bread variations and the higher the calorie plan, the more small meals that are included. I choose the biggest meal plan as I am feeding myself and one child.

If you are not a big eater, these small meals build up in the freezer and come in handy for later on.

Occasionally I have let them build up to a point where I can skip a week of dinners and just order a 7 day lunch plan instead.

Lite N Easy
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Flexible meal plans.

Don’t care for breakfast? Maybe you just prefer a banana every morning. You don’t HAVE to order breakfast, or lunch. You can just order dinners.

Lite N Easy is a fantastic service for single parents like myself who are in a shared care scenario, often turning the oven on for one person seems like a waste of electricity. So again, we turn to 7 pieces of toast and a jar of Nutella.

I opened my Lite N Easy in front of my babysitter, she was mind blown

As I said earlier in this review, the Lite N Easy meal plans do have some misinformation floating around. My babysitter hung around when my delivery came and was mind blown at the type of meals I removed from the box.

She had always thought Lite N Easy was a box of expensive TV Dinners.

  • I receive:
  • 3 Large Salads
  • Breakfasts which include cereal, fruit cups, yoghurt and omelette if I choose.
  • Dinners include 2x fresh meals and 5 Frozen meals.
  • Sides – depending on the plan (Nut snacks, dried fruits)

The fresh meals I choose are always Salad and meat. An example is Warm Salmon and Salad or Moroccan Lamb Strips with salad.

As a bonus, each week I receive a couple of “Free Extras” and nuts and dried fruit snacks are included in your plan.

The Lite N Easy menu changes with season, currently as I write this we are on the summer menu.

Lite N Easy


Don’t worry if you start work early. The Lite N Easy meals are delivered in a cold box with both dry ice and Frozen packs to keep things cool. You can ask the driver to leave your order in a safe place.

I have had my order left outside for quite a while due to commitments and arrived home to everything still nice and cold. When you order Lite N Easy through the link below, I will receive a small bonus in return for my review.

This is a non-sponsored review of Lite N Easy and I am a paying customer. The link provided is an referral link. If you refer a friend to Lite N Easy, you will also receive a kick back.

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