Hello Fresh Review. Don’t Laugh, I Actually Cooked Food.

Hello Fresh Review – That time I cooked something

Prepare the memes! Get the Firefighters on standby!

Kate cooked an actual meal!

How did this happen?

Let me give you a bit of a back story….

A Confession.

A Dirty Secret.


I don’t cook.  I microwave. I buy a LOT of premade meals. You may think that’s lazy or even fancy. The truth is, I think cooking is a drag. It takes up WAY too much of the evening.

I’m a single parent with three kids. Blogger & Brand Manager by day. Community Manager by night. In such a busy schedule, How do I fit in good hearty cooking? 

Then there’s meal planning and grocery shopping…..HELLO….

HELLO FRESH. That is. (See what I did there?)

Hello Fresh swung by my inbox. They were like “Yo let us help you out, try our service for a week“.

I’ve tried the service before, as a PAYING customer, a few years ago. The feedback from my family = The food was actually edible. Amazing right?

Hello Fresh are a wonderful company who take care of the logistics and organising that are involved in cooking restaurant quality meals at home.

VERY CURIOUS, Has the service improved even more?

Hell yeah it has!

The food came packaged WAY better than my previous experience. It was already good, but what they have done is brilliant!

The recipes have also improved.

They now come in a much higher GSM booklet (GSM means thicker paper for the non-paper fanatics).

More love and care have also gone into the recipes and design. You could TOTALLY collect these and keep them forever.

Doing a Hello Fresh Review is a little nerve-wracking, because of my cooking skills. But I accepted the challenge.


The first night, we had Mexican Tostadas. The raw ingredients were High quality & VERY fresh.

I ATE SO MUCH, I laid on the lounge like a content walrus for the rest of the night. It’s the first time I’ve had a decent home cooked meal in ages – key word being decent.

All of the ingredients were organised in the one package. The recipe is really easy to follow AND gives the option to cook for 2-4 people. I cooked enough for 4 people, feeding two people for two days with leftovers.

I very rarely cook. I have TERRIBLE confidence in myself when it comes to cooking. I’m happy to announce….


Hello Fresh Review
Totes Professhhhh. HAHAHAAHA!

Tonight we are having Pork & Apple Burgers.

So excited, I can’t believe my cooking is SO YUM!

So delicious I forgot to photograph my food before I ate it.

To give you an idea of the incredible recipes Hello Fresh are associated with, you can try THE FLAVOUR GENERATOR. Simply put in the type of dish you are after Hello Fresh will give you a recipe!


Want to try Hello Fresh?

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Disclaimer: Thanks for reading my Hello Fresh Review.

Products were provided by Hello Fresh, however, no sponsored fee was paid for the writing of this article. As a previous paying customer of Hello Fresh, I already knew the service was of great quality, so it made me happy to publish my opinions.

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