Period Underwear

ModiBodi Period Underwear, It’s not gross at all.

Say YES to ModiBodi Period Underwear

Warning, I’m going to get TMI about ModiBodi Period Underwear.

If you are squeamish about the thing’s women’s bodies get up to, Maybe just trust this period underwear is great! Head straight to the ModiBodi period underwear checkout.

I purchased my ModiBodi Period Underwear after I organised a reader of Australian Mum to review a pair. ModiBodi didn’t pay for our reader review to be done, but they did provide the product for free.

Impressed with the communication and the general vibes from the brand, I decided to pay full price for my order rather than ask the brand to work with me again.

I purchased 5x Pairs of ModiBodi Period Underwear using Afterpay.

I had enough faith at this point in the product that I knew the best investment would be a week’s worth of underwear. Buying 1-2 pairs at a time just meant more postage costs. The Afterpay process was simple.

The ModiBodi product arrived quickly and well packaged.

Packaging was clean and presentable, but let’s get on with the actual period underwear performance.

Let’s get to the gross yet totally natural part. Periods.

I can understand why women would be hesitant to try period underwear.

I purchased the Heavy Flow ModiBodi underwear. My concern was my flow. Most of the time sanitary products can’t keep up so I was skeptical that the underwear would be enough.

The first time I wore them I was not confident in using them in public out of fear they would leak. I had nothing to worry about. The ModiBodi brand lasted almost the whole day which is certainly not the case with tampons and pads.

It’s hard to believe they don’t end up sopping wet and they don’t smell. On my heaviest day, I changed during the day but I could have probably still worn my ModiBodi the entire day. It just felt like common sense to change into a fresh pair.

For those working long hours, you could simply keep a discreet wet bag in your handbag to change. I’m sure I’m not the first person to get stuck in a public toilet with no sanitary bins available. It’s something we have to keep in mind no matter what we are using for our periods.

BONUS USES! Yes, ModiBodi isn’t just period underwear!

I had something embarrassing happen recently.

I became really unwell with a terrible cough. I had a couple of Asthma attacks which left my whole body feeling weak. Especially my abdomen.

Lets just say I ended up calling myself miss pissy pants for over a week. While I would NEVER shame another woman for incontinence, I can certainly make fun of myself.

Every Single Time I COUGHED. I let a little bit of wee out.

I have birthed 3 babies and I don’t do pelvic floor exercises anymore.

I know I’m a bit weak in that department and if I manage a really savage sneeze, I cross my legs in fear. This was next level, luckily the underwear helped.

It got to the point I was in tears. This mumma rarely cries over pee.

I ended up wearing my ModiBodi underwear everywhere that week, even to sleep. Because coughing in the middle of the night and slightly whizzing the bed….jesus what have I become? Thank god I had the underwear or I could have been in the local checkout buying TENA ladypants.

Feel like Sweaty Betty? ModiBodi helps that too!

I live in Queensland. Even when its not that hot – its humid. Nobody likes humid ladyparts.

I LOVE ModiBodi. I wear them during my period, when Im sick and whizzing my pants AND on gross hot days when I just want my downstairs body parts to feel like they aren’t sitting in warm fuzz.

Period Underwear For The Win!

I hope this review answers your questions about ModiBodi and period underwear in general without being all generic and boring.

The company has been a delight to deal with and the owner is clearly passionate about her business. I really love and respect that.

I have since purchased around 10 pairs of ModiBodi including the Nude bamboo and microfibre. They are so incredibly comfortable, I barely wear any other brand.

Period Underwear

ModiBodi Offer world-wide shipping AND a 30 day full risk free trial to all new customers.

I have not been paid to write this article & I purchased the product myself. However, If you click the banner below, I get a small kick back from your ModiBodi purchase. YAY! Coffee at Starbucks! 

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