Kristen Bell Had An ACTUAL Sloth At Her Birthday Party

Yes,  Kristen Bell had a sloth….

Who doesn’t love Kristen Bell.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are known for keeping it real. They are both authentic and honest when it comes to their marriage, family and careers.

The Good Place actor is fun, quirky and she knows how to make you laugh.

In an episode of Ellen, Kristen explained how her husband surprised her with a sloth for her 31st birthday.

Kristen Bell (multi talented actress and broadway star) loves Sloths.

It’s been a “bucket list” activity for a while to interact with one. When Kristen’s birthday party came around, her partner organised a sloth to be at her party.

The next time your birthday comes around, if you have something eccentric or out of the box you love – Just do it!

Check Out Kristen’s Emotional Outburst When She Found Out About The Sloth Below, It will give you happy feels for the day….

It got me thinking. Everyone deserves a birthday sloth.

Maybe hiring a Sloth isn’t realistic, but there’s gotta be something right?

Be a little extra on your birthday, we only live once.

Kristen does other things. Things you should know about.

She’s an entrepreneur, the best kind. Social Enterprise.

Kristen Bell is the Co-Founder of “This Bar Saves Lives”.

This Bar Saves Lives is a mission driven business, tackling childhood malnutrition.

Every time you buy a bar, children in countries like Haiti receive a food pack. The Food Packs are specifically made to treat malnutrition.

This Bar Saves Lives has sent more than 11 million packets of life­saving food to children in need. Enough to help save more than 70,000 lives.

Read more about the project HERE

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