Pokemon Trainer Guess Gives You 15 Minutes Of Peace For $15

My kids love Pokemon.

My youngest daughter loves the toys.

My son collects Pokemon trading cards.

While I say this, we certainly aren’t Pokemon mad.Β 


We were sent out the Pokemon Trainer Guess ball.

At first glanced I thought geez, I wonder how much this costs? Let’s get that out of the way first.

The Pokemon Trainer Guess is $15 – It won’t break the bank and makes an excellent stocking stuffer.


I was like…”My kids have iPads….this won’t keep them entertained”.

Kind of a bit surprised actually! They have been “collecting” their Pokemon in the car before school every morning.

My 8 year old daughter is the charting type, tick lists, pretend “shopping” lists. She’s the girl that enjoy’s wielding a pencil during play.

My 5 year old….she just likes yelling at stuff. So she loves this ball.


The Chart Gives You The Answers

The ball comes with a Pokemon Chart – if you don’t know if your Pokemon evolves, the chart will let your child know. Along with height and some other details. Once your ball guesses your Pokemon, you tick it off the list for fun.

I enjoy writing about products because they help parents decide on products to buy for kids birthday parties, $0 – $20 stocking stuffers for kids and other purchase moments we get sprung with!


While we are gifted products often & enjoy a great relationship with many toy companies, I wasn’t paid to write this. If you do purchase through my banners, I get a little kick back which makes me all warm and fuzzy.



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