The Post Baby Body Snap From This Mumma Bear Has Me Like WHOAH!

This Post Baby Body Snap From This Mumma Bear Has Me Like WHOAH…YASSSS!!!

Less than an hour before coming across this photo I read two things in my news feed which were along the lines of “How I toned my body within 6 weeks after giving birth”.

Looking toned and uber fit after pregnancy is your choice, sometimes it’s also not your choice.

I couldn’t care less either way how other people look, as long as there is no unnecessary pressure on women.

We can’t escape from this pressure because we are constantly being retargeted with advertising telling us we should be this, that and what now? We just popped a small human out! Seriously!

Kirsten Sullivan posted her post birth body pics on Instagram and they are real AF.

These are realistic expectations after you have carried around what feels like a baby walrus for 9 months.

“It took me 4 days to decide whether or not to share this. But recently there have been moms reaching out to me based on some things I’ve shared, so here goes”

It’s a pity we have to be nervous about this stuff right? Because god forbid the universe sees a squishy post birth belly.

“The left pic is 3 days before I delivered Gavin (my 2nd child), the right pic is 3 weeks postpartum. I’m sharing this to show moms that sometimes it doesn’t matter if you’re thin, ate right and exercised during pregnancy, sometimes your body grows in such a way that simply doesn’t allow you to “bounce back” in friggen 3 weeks.”

Damn right babe! It’s been 5 years and I haven’t bounced back. I’ve bounced back and forth. I love food, cuddles with my kids and quality time. I often forget the gym because I’m so distracted by donuts.

“I feel like all I’ve been seeing is new moms sharing their amazing postpartum bods, 11 days after birth, 2 weeks after birth, etc. And while that’s wonderful for them, for many others, KNOW that it’s not realistic!”

“While I won’t be totally sure till 6 weeks, I have a strong feeling that I’ve got diastasis-recti (separation of the abs), in which case I’m determined to get the PT I need to heal. I’ve also been wearing a postpartum corset for extra support. But in the meantime, I’m giving my body a chance to breathe. Did you SEE how far my belly stretched?! There is no race to bounce back moms. We’ll get there!!”

Kristen has uplifted so many women by doing this, you can see them all in the comments. I think we are all a wee bit sick of society settings standards through social media, power to the people!

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Kristen is also the person behind Thread Rock, an apparel store with some of the coolest motifs everrrr.

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