Quick Reviews & Horrifying Pics. Instagram Account Devoted To Face Masks.

This Instagram Account is Devoted To Face Masks. I Love It!

I’m not a huge beauty buff, but I do love a good face mask. I’ve tried numerous products, even the sticky black mask of death – which rips all of your face hairs off. It’s like dodgy cheap, less permanent IPL.


If  you love face masks, you will love this account run by Lauren Adams who also happens to play Gretchen in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

“Masking For Trouble” has a tonne of reviews already with guest maskers. The reviews are quick, but often go into hilarious detail.

” Not sure if I was supposed to leave the eyeball flaps up and it basically looked like I had a loose condom on my face”

“it was a fun experience but don’t put it too close to your nose or you’ll suffocate. My skin feels and looks very smooth. Would mask again.”

“This is a straight up torture device and did not fit my face well. It stretches over your ears and it was SO tight.”

There are plenty of glowing and positive remarks too, the reviews seem authentic – yay for REAL reviews with transparent opinions.




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Masks are rated on a scale of 1 to 5 at Masking For Trouble – Go and give her a FOLLOW



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