Pink Shows A Different Type Of #PUMPLIFE

Pink doesn’t shy away from posting the nitty gritty of Mum Life on her social media accounts.

While some celebrity figures keep up a flawless appearance, we’ve seen Pink carry a baby while cooking dinner, breastfeed between shows and now…


Ah, Pumping. I remember those days. Often we Pump while breastfeeding to keep our milk supply going or to get around tricky time schedules. Imagine the crazy life of Pink when she has to do appearances, performances, interviews, studio work and more.

How the hell does this woman manage?

I can’t even tie my shoelaces and have a conversation at the same time!

And now this #pumpupthejams #mombreak

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Pink is releasing a new album called  Beautiful Trauma. Her latest single, What About Us,  was dropped yesterday (August 16th) on Youtube.

Beautiful Trauma’ comes out October 13th

Pink is expected to tour Australia in 2018


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