Vagina Nails….New Trend?

Vagina Nails are for your fingers….Not Your Foof.

I mean thats pretty obvious once you look at the picture right? With the recent glitter bombs for your vajimjam, clarification is vital.

Who doesn’t want to walk about with nails adorned in clitoral art?

Asa Bree, a nail artist from Portland has posted her “Pussy Power” Vagina nail art on Instagram. Props for being super creative, her nail art is seriously awesome. Take a look through her Instagram HERE.

But wearing pearl spangled Vag on your fingertips? Each to there own, I’m just enjoying the LOLS.

Image: Asa Bree


It’s not the first time Vagina Art has gone viral, remember the Vagina Pendants?

Isn’t that what started all of this focus on Vagina Art?

I have to say, every piece of this Vagina prettiness is a vast contrast to the current state of the average mid-winter food of a woman in her mid 30’s…..I feel the urge to go and implement some self care in the form of hedge trimming.




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