This Heart-wrenching Breastfeeding Selfie Shattered Social Media

This breastfeeding image broke through the superficial walls of social media. In one picture and some words Angela Burzo detailed the pain that a woman can go through trying to be adequate as a breastfeeding mother.

Trying to keep up with the idea of what breastfeeding is “meant” to be like can be soul wrenching. Wether you have had a baby with reflux, had trouble latching or any of the numerous things that can disrupt your breastfeeding – you would know this face all too well.


I keep going back the this breastfeeding image. I look at her and I see me. Late nights, anxiety ridden and lost. The struggle to breastfeed was a very trying time, some of my darkest moments were during this time simply due to the sleep deprivation.

When I was pregnant I would have said “pfffft….just give up”. Then I had my baby. I wanted to breastfeed. I wanted to bond through breastfeeding, almost like the instinct just took over. So when I couldn’t, I felt like I had to practically break myself before earning permission to give up.

Angela summed a day in the not so perfect life of breastfeeding perfectly:

I love seeing all these beautiful women in their beautiful nursing clothes smiling down at their babes as they lovingly look up, hand in hand while breastfeeding away. That is not my reality, right now that is. This is real and as much as I want to stay strong and be the soldier I feel I can be I cannot hide the struggle that is BREASTFEEDING.”

“Whether she is not latching on properly, whether I am not producing enough milk to keep up with her demand, whether my nipples might not be adequate, whether we confused her with having to give her a bottle after pumping. whatever it may be it has been an emotional and painful struggle. Today has been full of no naps, sucking and not eating, crying and frustrated parents. This photo depicts my reality of this Breastfeeding journey so far and that first latch and the pain I endure. Keeping it real.

The social media response to this image was incredible

Angela’s image received over 7,600 likes and was covered by viral news articles worldwide.

Just over a week after the post Angela announced how blown away she was by the response, thanking the social media community for the show of support.

It’s moments like this on social media that make me realise that the majority of women do support each other, they just speak in a gentle tone. Collectively we are loud.

The original post can be seen HERE.


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