Ridiculously Awesome Backyard Lego Train Project

Ridiculously Awesome Backyard Lego Train Project

This will blow your little LEGO Train fans away.

Youtuber Bananenbuurman created a Lego Train track in his backyard.

It’s not your average LEGO track, this project has some fascinating creativity behind it.

This particular train track has accumulated over 1 million views on Youtube.


You can enjoy the experience of being in the front of the train, with a camera mount in 1080P 2D & 3D.

The 3 minutes video features the LEGO train going through a water tunnel. The daytime version of this video is just as impressive and reveals all of the nooks that have been built including small houses and archways.

This train goes underwater! 

This backyard lego train Project isn’t his only creation. This guy has done some seriously impressive home projects!

The LEGO enthusiast has quite a few different tracks, including a Lego Train Dream Ride, the whole ride is hanging from the ceiling.

The Lego Train Dream Ride took almost 4 months and is not yet complete.

Lego Train and Stop Motion Lego videos have exploded on Youtube

Channels Brick Channel and FK Films are getting over 1 million views per video.

Kids enjoy the LEGO channels as they are an extension of play. They encourage creativity, pretend play and often send you on a story telling journey, all through LEGO.

You have to wonder if the popularity of these videos is what paved the way for LEGO to partner with Warner Brothers to create the LEGO Movie franchise.

The popularity of LEGO continues to rise and venture out into new ways for young and old to enjoy the brand. (I personally though LEGO Batman was SO much fun)

One thing I do know is, the LEGO community is amazing!

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