Girls Can Play With Nerf Nitro Launchers Too!

Girls Can Play With Nerf Nitro Launchers Too!

My love of Nerf tripled with the company released a range for Girls, the “Nerf Rebelle”. It’s one of the first brands to really embrace the idea that girls play with the same toys as boys. While my girls have the Rebelle Bow, they still play with classic Nerf guns as well.

Nerf Have Released Nerf Nitro Car Launchers.

We have see Car launchers released over the past by various companies, until now Hot Wheels and Micro cars had the best launchers (personal opinion). I have to say, Nerf has clearly done their research.

Afternoon Play With Nerf Nitro

Until now, ย Car Launchers have a couple of issues.

Car launchers send metal cars flying through the air, scraping the paint off the walls. The Mini Car launchers send tiny little cars flying under the fridge, dishwasher and lounge. So annoying.

Nerf Have Made A Product WITHOUT these issues.

The cars supplied with the Nerf Nitro are a decent size. They have a foam coating!! The cars have an outer foam coating much like the foam used to make Nerf Bullets. They have no sharp metal parts and are much safer than flying die cast cars through the air.

The Nerf Nitro Is Powerful, The Cars Are Fast.

Secondary to the safety, the Nerf cars are light. They fly through the air like a piece of popcorn. The launchers are a quality product (Just like Nerf Guns they don’t compare to other brands)

There Are A Few Different Types Of Launchers

We tested the mini launcher, a launcher which stacks cars for take off and a single launcher. I will list the models below. I liked the Stacker, because I didn’t have to pick up a car every time one of the kids shot it out, it does 4 consecutive shots.

We Got Some Serious Air With These Cars

We experimented with different distances with the ramps, some of the air time these cars had we couldn’t even get on video because I was worried about my phone screen getting smacked with a Nerf car, I don’t think my warranty would cover that.

ALL Of My Kids Have Been Rocking The Nerf Nitro

My two daughters have played with these every afternoon this week. My son has enjoyed taking them outside and pushing them to the limits, crashing them into dirt mounds and piles of pebbles and sticks.

This would be a GREAT present for Christmas. You can purchase Nerf Nitro from Mr Toys Toyworld AND they have Afterpay!

Products Tested: Nerf Nitro Longshot, Nerf Nitro Flashfury Chaos & Nerf Nitro Throttle Shot.




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