Globber Kleefer Giveaway & Review $350 RRP

Globber Kleefer Giveaway & Review

The Globber Kleefer is a high end scooter for commuting, exercise or riding with the kids. I’m sure when I say “High End” you are thinking EEP! A high end BMX, even for a child can be up around $600 or more.

Let’s get past the price hump first, the Globber Kleefer model is around $350 RRP.

Not a lot of money for a product that will last. I’m embarrassed to admit how many scooters we have been through. Last year my children started using the Globber Scooter brand. They are still in excellent condition!

I’m surprised because my kids kill everything with kindness. They are not deliberately rough, but they put everything I buy them through the ringer with good old fashioned play. Throwing their scooter on the ground to climb a tree and trying to “grind” them on any surface possible.

So now it’s my turn….

I’m 34 years old. I’m a mother of 3 kids and I spend my days editing & creating content for brands to use on social media. You can image, flying around on a scooter is a thing I left behind almost 20 years ago.

I did love my bike as a kid, but I’m not a kid anymore. I have “endured” some bike riding with my ex partner, I seriously feel like an elephant riding a unicycle. So maybe the scooter option would be a better option?

Sitting a Desk All Day….I have acquired some extra “Cushion”

I have to do this, I have to get out on this scooter. For my health and for my kids. So here it goes!!!

Your Scooter Will Arrive Professionally Packed

No crushed boxes, premium service. All the important bits have been protected with bubble wrap, it smells like a new car.

Phew, This Scooter Has a Wide Board

Heaps of room on the Kleefer scooter, so it you are as uncoordinated as me, don’t despair! It’s pretty comfortable to ride and the wheels are a decent size, you won’t topple off. Unless you get on the wines and decide to go for a scoot into the sunset….no don’t do that.


Nice Wide Board


It has BRAKES!

Contrary to what you may think, the brakes are not for how fast I spend my time scootering. The brakes are so I don’t run over any poor unsuspecting senior citizens on the pathways, because It may take me a while to become a confident “Scooter Mum”.

Lucky for me, I’m on a Kleefer. Wide board, great wheels, brakes!!

Plus, It’s Sexy

Okay. Look. Look at it. Its really is a NICE looking product. It’s a grown up version of the My Too which my son has, they are well designed scooters. ย Look at the wheels….The Audi A7 of Scooters.




You will be able to enter now just as per our usual giveaways…but…PLOT TWIST! In two weeks time, I will be releasing the Video Review on Facebook, this will include BONUS ENTRIES added to the Giveaway. You will be able to come back and score another 5 entries.

This is my way of thanking the followers on Facebook who continue to support my giveaways and help my blog grow! You are awesome xx

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  1. This is MY DREAM scooter – I keep asking santa for one but he never delivers, maybe my wish will come true this time ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I can’t find the bonus points added. Maybe I’m too early.
    And LOL in response to “elephant riding a unicyle”. My thoughts exactly.

  3. Sorry I cant find the video. We have a young girl recently join our foster family and she is crazy for the skate park, she does so well but she keeps telling me she needs a scooter with wider handles because thats what the boys have and she wants to keep up with them. Would be so grateful to win. Cheers

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