5 Bed’s I Would Probably Drunk Buy On A Friday Night

The purchase took 6 weeks to arrive from China, I didn’t even read the location, so I was stuck sleeping on a mattress for a while.

It arrived in all its black leather sleekness….it looked like something Elvis would sleep in with a touch of retro diner thrown in. It barely even fit in my bedroom, because who thinks of these things on a wild friday night while drunkenly bed shopping.

I spent 3 years with the bed until I sold it.

5 Bed’s I Would Probably Drunk Buy On A Friday Night..AGAIN.


Pod Bed

If you prefer to curl up like a foetus while you sleep, the Pod Bed.

Rocking Bed

Warning: If you get on the wines, you may end up doing a full 360.

IMG: shiner International


Cage Fighting Bed

If this had a door, I could lock myself in here while the kids continue to argue.

Update: The cage fighting bed seems like it’s no longer available now that All Star Sports Furniture has since closed. Let me know in the comments if you know where to get one, as a lot of people are searching for this bed!

IMG: Cage Fighting Bed: All Star Sports Furniture


HiCan Bed

Seriously, do not drink while looking at the HiCan bed. It’s a room inside another room…

Vertical Sleeping

Because this has been every parent at some point…

Vertical Bed By Ernesto Neto


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