This Massive Knex Structure Will Blow Your Mind!

Knex would have to be one of my least favourite construction toys. Despite being a grown adult, my coordination with Knex is like a spud trying to build a sandcastle. I also would like to add that there are some parts of Knex that will brutalise your foot if you step on them, LEGO aint got nothing on this.

But look at this…this is INCREDIBLE

Shadowman on YouTube creates massive structure with Knex and his latest project is mind blowing.

“After 3 years, my Knex ball machine Citadel is finally finished! This machine features more than 45 new elements, 5 different lifts, and 2 new path separators that separate into 17 paths.”

“It’s also themed, with Knex men all over the place working on it, giving it a factory-type feel with catwalks and stairs. There are 3 total motors, one of which powers all 3 floor lifts. The actual time it took to build is one year, there was just a long break in between. All of the paths (except one) were built in 6 months, starting in December 2015”

This HUGE Knex Construction is actually functional …AMAZEBALLS (Pun Intended)

Shadowman has been creating Knex structures for over 8 years and putting them on YouTube.

You can find his channel HERE


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