It’s Official. A Woman Will Be The 13th Time Lord In Doctor Who

A Woman Will Be The 13th Time Lord In Doctor Who

What a time to be alive. A woman will play the 13 Doctor in the Doctor Who series. A role which has always been considered as a mans part by default, has now been given to Jodie Whittaker.

The BBC has committed to diversity in all of it’s programs so the decision was likely inevitable. Jodie Whittaker has previously starred in Broadchurch & Attack Of The Block. Whittaker’s audition truly won over the show runners and will be an incredible replacement.

I remember as a little girl watching the original Doctor Who series, it gives me the feels that the program has  experienced such incredible longevity. I am wiping a nostalgic tear whole writing about it and now….a woman…*feminism fist pump*.

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Capaldi has played the iconic sci fi character since 2013 and finishes this years series after the Christmas special episode.


Why Did Peter Calpadi Leave Doctor Who? 

Recently on The Graeme Norton Show Calpadi explained his felt he was at the end of his time with his role as The Doctor.

“Doctor Who is a great job but it’s a bit of a television factory. You do twelve episodes a year and I just worry that I wouldn’t be able to continue doing my best work.”


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