Breastfeeding Mum As Maleficent In Stunning Cosplay Portrait

A mother is breastfeeding her son in a stunning picture. Dressed as Maleficent, the photo has broken the internet.

Yaky Di Roma is a Venezuelan photographer who resides in Florida. Her story is much deeper than wanting to take a pretty picture.

Yaky’s son Hans is three-years-old, has Autism. She says he is comforted by breastfeeding, it helps him.

The thing that struck me the most about Yaky’s story is that she mentioned people ask her why she still breastfeeds.  It’s perfectly natural for a mother to choose to breastfeed for an extended period of time.

Yaky is often told she looks like Maleficent, the vengeful fairy who is driven to curse an infant princess.  So she dressed up as Maleficent and shot a series of photos, one which has captured a huge amount of attention from the internet.

As a mother of a child with an Autism diagnosis, I just wanna high five this mum.

You can read more about the sweet story behind this mum’s cosplaying breastfeeding photo in an article at HuffPost .

Yaky Di Roma | Instagram

Yaky Di Roma | Photography

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