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Solve This Parenting Dilemma With The Vtech Smart Toys

Your Kid’s Will Love The New Vetch Smart Toys

The new Vetch Smart Toys do everything your iPhone does, without the mature apps your children have access to. It’s a dilemma most of us parents have had at one point or another. Your think child is too young for an iPad, so what do you do?

Smart toys have been available for years but the new Vtech range is impressive. Vetch products are not trying to look like a Smart Device. They have their own look with bright colours and features that you would expect from a toy.

They also cost considerably less than the Tech a lot of parents reserve for when their children are older.

You still get the cool features of an iPad or iPhone.

Games, Video & Sound Recording, Photo Editing & More.

The camera also has twin viewers, zoom & a flash.

Whats Different About The Vtech Kidizoom?

The Vetch Kidizoom Camera has rugged side handles with rubber grip. It’s every parents worst nightmare when a child lets a smartphone or expensive camera slip out of their hands onto the concrete *SMASH*….$1000 down the drain. 

It has an easy to use interface which you can use to choose the play mode. Once a photo is taken your child can decorate this with different filters and stickers. It’s a little bit like Snapchat but without the stranger danger concern.

This would be a great camera to take camping or out on a day trip. It will offer your child the fun of taking photos & playing games during the car ride. It might also relieve you of the stress of them wanting to play with your phone when they get restless.


What Age Is The Kidizoom Camera For?

The recommended age is 3-9 years old. I understand children are now using iPads at an early age, Smart Toys give us the opportunity to provide a “bridge” and introduce more mature devices later.



Vetch Has Other Smart Toys – Including A Smart Watch

Vetch has a few Smart Toys in their current range. Another device I really love is the Vtech DX Smart Watch. This is a great product, your child can set the time, take photos, play games and their is a fitness element much like an adults smart watch.

This Kidizoom Smartwatch has a touch screen!

My daughter particularly loves the skipping game which counts how many skips in a 30 second period and celebrates your achievement at the end. There is also a calendar and a calculator.


This Is An Item I Would Purchase For Christmas 

Vtech supplied the product for me to review, however, my daughter already had the Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch on her Christmas list. It has been on my watch list for a while and the product has exceeded my expectations.

The Vtech Smart Toys solve the parenting dilemma of not wanting to introduce smart devices like iPads, iPod Touch & Tablets too early, but still allowing your children to have fun with Tech toys.

Vetch Kidizoom products are available at various stockists including Amazon, Catch & Mr Toys Toyworld. The Kidizoom DX Smart Watch has a 4.5 Star Catch Review rating and is on sale now (Limited Stocks).

 Click below & type “Kidizoom” in the search bar.



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