Incredible Artist Depicts Pop Culture In A Post Apocalyptic Wasteland

Pop Culture Dystopia Series | Filip Hodas

Filip Hodas is a freelance 3D artist. His digital artwork is created using a phenomenal and creative  imagination, 4D cinema, rendering and airbrush techniques.

Filip’s creative work has been featured on Viral platforms such as Bored Panda and IMGUR. It’s no wonder his creativity keeps making the rounds, it’s gigantic framed print worthy.

Pop Culture Dystopia places popular icons into a world that resembles a post apocalyptic deadland. Well known popular culture icons are left overgrown with vines, abandoned in swamplands and submerged in dark eery waters.

The 24 year old artist is from Prague, Czech Republic. It’s been said by some in the online art community that Filip is one of the worlds most creative emerging digital artists for 2017.

Flip Hodas has over 300K followers on Instagram. His artwork is available for purchase as prints and other products at Society 6.

Filip’s artwork is an incredible clash between Dystopia and Pop Culture.

The series features much loved arcade nostalgia such as Pac Man and space invaders in a lost and forgotten state, left to rust after the trend has died.

Image Credit: Filip Hodas


Image Credit: Filip Hodas

Image Credit: Filip Hodas
Image Credit: Filip Hodas

Check out the full series of Pop Culture Dystopia visit Filip Hodas at Behance.



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