Artist Takes Beloved Childhood Icons & Transforms Them Into Disturbing Art

Dan LuVisi has been drawing his whole life. His skills as an artist have landed him jobs with DC Comics on two separate titles. Dan has gone on to create his own book and has opened up opportunities for other artists to showcase their work in a similar development process.

Dan’s current series “Popped Culture” features beloved childhood characters in a satirical series of dark and disturbing pictures. The artworks are inspired by the Darkside of Hollywood and the media’s obsession with celebrities.

Dan LuVisi has a Kickstarter fund to raise fund for his projects for those who would like to purchase the Popped Culture Series & Merchandise.


Image: Dan LuVisi

Image: Dan LuVisi

Image: Dan LuVisi

Image: Dan Luvisi

Dan LuVisi|  Artstation | Kickstarter | Facebook


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