ModiBodi Review Leak Proof & Period Underwear

Modibodi Review | Leak Proof Underwear

I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen to complete a ModiBodi Review.

I couldn’t be more excited! Like most busy mums I don’t have a lot of time for shopping, especially clothes shopping for myself, so that fact that Modibodi offers online shopping is a big bonus for me.

This ModiBodi Review By Amanda K Is A Reader Review.

Kate From Australian Mum has also since purchased herself & reviewed the product below.


Modibodi Review | Presentation, Product & Quality:

I have been given the classic bikini with light absorbency in coral to trial and upon first glance, they seem to be very well made with no loose stitching visible along the seams and band.

The material is nice and soft and looks like it would be quite breathable and comfortable to wear.


Being a low rise bikini style they look appropriate for my age and definitely don’t have any “granny undies” look about them!


Modibodi Review | Comfort & Fit:

How do they fit?

Well, I was pleasantly surprised as they are super comfortable to wear and fit snugly around the hips without being too tight! They don’t “ride up” like some other bikini styles can either.



Modibodi Review | Product Performance:

I trialled ModiBodi out during a normal busy day of running errands, school drop-offs and shopping etc.

They kept me feeling fresh. They are super comfortable to wear without needing adjusting. (eg. Constant pulling up).

I would wear these daily and would also recommend them as sleepwear as they are so comfortable and would keep me cool while sleeping due to their breathability.

The light absorbency feature is discreet in thickness and I barely noticed it was there. It didn’t affect my day or make me feel uncomfortable at all.


Modibodi Review | Overall Feedback 

One thing to mention is a VPL can be slightly visible with certain clothes as they do not seam-free, but it is only negligible.

Editors Note: New Seam Free Styles Are available , the ModiBodi team obviously listen to their customers, amazing xx

ModiBodi Now Has Seam Free Underwear!


These were great as I didn’t feel sweaty or hot at all.


Overall Product Opinion:

Overall I would recommend Modibodi for anyone looking for super comfy underwear that can be worn every day for a fresh, confident feeling, and I’ll definitely be checking out their full range online!

I will post further findings once they have been through the wash to see how they wear. #lovemymodibodi

This Modibodi review is non-sponsored feedback from a member of our community review group. Amanda received the product to review from the awesome team at ModiBodi in return for her time and effort discussing the product.


Updated Review:

I’m Kate from Australian Mum. After we organised the review for Modibodi with our reader, I purchased the product myself. I have not yet been able to try the product, however, I bought 5 pairs in preparation for that time of the month!


Another Update – 09/01/2018 – I’m still a customer!

I have since purchased ModiBodi several times.

The underwear is so comfortable, I wear the light flow pairs even when I don’t have my period.

I have popped up an extra review HERE.

My Black Heavy Flow sets are around 12 months old now and still in great condition despite many washes.

I purchased the nude bamboo fibre & microfibre as well, these are great under lighter pieces of clothing and offer great protection.

A lot of people are concerned about the smell with Modi Bodi Period Underwear, I haven’t had any problems personally. I believe this has something to do with the lining being an antibacterial one-way moisture wicking gusset.

21/04/2018 – Still going strong! I now have 3 Different styles from ModiBodi with no complaints and it has been well over 12 months since my first purchase. My next planned purchase is some ModiBodi Swimwear 🙂

Some Things I Discovered During The Purchase Process

Modibodi Have Afterpay!! I was able to purchase enough underwear to deal with my whole cycle and use Afterpay. This saved heaps on postage as I was able to afford the whole lot in one sale.

ModiBodi Discount – The ModiBodi Discount is currently available when you make a purchase and refer a friend. Your friend and yourself will be treated to a ModiBodi discount.

ModiBodi Discount also applies when you sign up to the Modibodi email newsletter, this gets you an extra 10% off the product.

ModiBodi Sizing: If you are worried about sizing, Modbodi Sizing is well listed on a chart HERE

Wow: CEO and Modibodi™ founder Kristy Chong has been awarded NSW Business Woman of the Year in the 2018 at a gala reception to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Modibodi supports Share The Dignity: You can even organise to buy a discounted pair for Share The Dignity to supply to women in need.

Making a Difference: Modibodi together with Lunette Menstrual Cups has recently launched our Sustainable Period Project. This is the first step towards educating people about disposable sanitary items and encouraging them to make more sustainable choices for the environment

Free Resource Kits are now being distributed to high schools in Australia and New Zealand. Resource Kits contain samples of reusable period underwear, biodegradable disposable pads, reusable cloth pads and educational rescources.


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