Hidden Oreo Muffins

Hidden Oreo Muffins

We cooked up some muffins on the weekend with a hidden ingredient, Oreos! Once cooked the Oreos become soft and bleed into the rest of the muffin leaving them rich and YUMMY!

1x Cake Mix and 12 Oreos made 12 Medium sized muffins. If you would prefer to make your own chocolate muffin mix, This is one of the most popular recipes available here.


We Used:

75 Cent Cake Mix

Eggs & Milk as Per Packet

12 Oreos


What To Do Next:

We Mixed our cake mix up as per instructions, filled the greased muffin tin with just enough room to push an Oreo into each one.  Cooked for 25 Minutes (180 Degree, Medium Muffin Tin).

These were so YUM! and didn’t even need icing as they were sweet enough.


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