If The World Was About To End, Would You Lip Smooch Your Kids?

If The World Was About To End, Would You Lip Smooch Your Kids?

There will come a day where your child will only kiss you on the cheek. Then the next day, they won’t kiss you at all, especially in front of friends. Your kids will grow up and the kiss will return, but it will not be the same.

I’m 33 years old. When I embrace my mum, It’s with flooding feelings of wanting to be a child again. Just to feel small in her big arms and her kiss covering my tiny face. I suppose I fear the memory of being a loved child will fade.

Let your child kiss you on the lips. You might need to wipe away snot quickly like a stealth ninja, they might be covered in vegemite, you might need to reapply your lipstick. Don’t overthink it, it’s just a kiss. Your child loves you, you are everything to them and more.



Our kid’s don’t know our world yet.

They don’t know women like Victoria Beckham and Hillary Duff have been used by mainstream media for an “oh so controversial kiss” with their own child. Sexualising something like that just for clicks comes from greed, not being concerned.

A concern would be if the child is visibly sick. The average human isn’t stupid enough to kiss someone when they have a contagious illness. Don’t let the media speak to you like you are a potato, we all have a voice.

During my stay in the oncology ward, I saw parents lose their children. What they wouldn’t give, to kiss their child just one more time. What if the kiss was on the lips? Do you think they would say “No dear child, on the cheek only“?

One of the theories from psychologists is that your child will not be able to separate the difference between two parents kissing on the lips and a parent/child smooch. My question is, why are we immediately sexualizing a kiss between a mum and a dad?

Two parents holding hands is a more prolonged event than a kiss on the lips. Embracing each other for long periods of time, lighting candles at the dinner table. Whispering to each other. All of these things we do when in a sexual relationship, we also do them with our children.

These theoretical arguments plough deeper into how we really feel about such a harmless action. We are the ones treating a kiss like it is a gateway towards sex or a sexual relationship.

I think most people would agree there is a very big difference between a romantic kiss and a kiss between friends and family. Instead of stopping kids from expressing themselves completely, how about we actually let them identify this for themselves?

I’ll kiss my kids on the lips If I god damn want to, Peace.

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