Beyonce Had A Push Party More Extravagant Than My Life

Push Party. Yay? Nay? or Who Cares?

I’m on the side of who cares. Push Party if you want, I have no issue with it. It’s probably a great excuse to celebrate, when there’s, not a whole lot to celebrate during your pregnancy. Sure, there is your expecting arrival, having baby is the most incredible thing – we create humans. It’s mind blowing.

Pregnancy has its good moments, of course, feeling the baby kick, enjoying 9 months without a period and skin that doesn’t need a drop of proactive. But for me personally, I felt like an elephant on a slow downhill tricycle ride to the big day.

My ultimate push party would be laying on the couch with a bucket for the whole day uninterrupted. There would be a lifetime supply of gingerbread man cookies & more Netflix than one should ever consume in a 24 hour period.

But Bey, you really know how to celebrate the approaching arrival of your Beyby.



Should we compare our pregnancies to Beyonce?

No. Of course not. Firstly, the average person doesn’t have the kind of money the Carters do, and we shouldn’t feel bad about that. If you want a push party, by all means, have one, even if it’s Oreos and wine (for the guests of course).

Beyonce’s push party may be more extravagant than all of the fancy moments in my life, but that’s because I’m not fancy. I’m a trackie pants, bed hair, just gotoutofbed look most days and I own it. I also rock the bed hair look with seriousness, It takes commitment.

Do things your way & rock it. 

It’s time for women to stop apologising for their own journeys. It’s time to recognise there is only one way to rock your pregnancy – YOUR WAY.

Oh, You didn’t have a baby shower?” – NO, I didn’t. Did you offer to throw me one?

“Don’t you think it’s a bit overboard for a baby shower” – Fuck yes, that’s how I roll. You coming or not?

“You just have to pick yourself up” – Oh thanks, Martha, I hadn’t thought of that.

“You need to slow down, you will harm the baby”- Thanks, Martha, for your unqualified medical advice




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