Our Resident Geek Pinched Zac Efron On The Nip – Baywatch Premiere

Our Resident Geek Pinched Zac Efron On The Nip.

The Baywatch Premiere was as to be expected. Super fun movie, moments of hilarious cringe and abs. So many abs.

Hoyts Cinemas hosted the movie’s premiere and we were lucky enough to get invited to the Melbourne advanced screening! I sent Heidi, the nerd burger of all things entertainment, film and tv along to get the low down.

No movie premiere is complete without the cardboard cut out nip pinch!

Zac Efron, You Have Officially Been Pinched!


The Baywatch premiere started with a live stream Q&A from Sydney where the stars of Baywatch hit the red carpet for the evening. Zac Efron and co-star Alexandra Daddario were present, however, Dwayne Johnson could not make it.

This didn’t stop the actor known as ‘The Rock’ from making the night a hit with some prerecorded humour, huge smile and some words to get the audience pumped for the Baywatch movie.

The movie is a hilarious reboot of the Baywatch Television series starring David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. Baywatch may seem like it only identifies with a certain audience, but this is a film for everyone! It promises humour, action and of course, bonus eye candy.

Zac Efron & Alexandra Daddario both declared their love for Australia and it seemed like they were having an amazing time at the premiere. The screams from fans prove they definitely have an audience here who love them.

 Live Feedback From Heidi After The Movie:

“Genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie! I’d actually recommend watching it. Filled with that sort of stereotype humour Zac Efron’s involved with. Keeping up with all the insults thrown at him was a highlight alone!”

Also had to attempt to take a selfie with him cause he will always be Troy Bolton #highschoolmusical


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